Land & Sea – OTL’s Premium NZ Retail Partner

Land & Sea presents New Zealand’s most premium collaboration of global & local outdoor brands in a world-class concept & experience space. OTL & Land & Sea is proud to partner to showcase our largest range of in-line and custom lures both online & in-store. 

When it comes to topwater fishing Land & Sea knows their stuff. Boasting brands such as Daiwa, hPa, BKK, Just Another Fisherman & of course OTL this is your one-stop destination for all things topwater. 

Designing a new lure is always fun, but with the boys at Land & Sea, it’s a comical & creative experience. Meetings often occur over Facetime right on beer o’clock. The lads argue that it’s a strategic competitive advantage to unlock creative thought, but we will let you be the judge of that. One thing that’s for sure is that together we have created several iconic pieces with the Land & Sea team. 

Introducing the Land & Sea x OTL range of limited edition/exclusive lures.

Land & Sea – On Ice

On Ice has quickly become a staple within the OTL Community. Quickly proven to entice Coromandel kingfish through to big GT’s off the Atutaki coast. Designed to find the perfect balance of natural baitfish colours & those of the Land & Sea brand the finish is simple, sleek and big fish friendly. The fishability of this lure was too high to ignore therefore ‘On Ice’ has become part of the mainstream line of lures available on

Land & Sea – Midnight Steez

The second of the inaugural OTL range at Land & Sea incorporated a ‘tip the cap’ brand showcase to the L&S business. Finished in high gloss Midnight this lure provides a natural feel that is ideal for low-light fishing through dawn & dusk. It’s a lure that we are very proud to bring to the NZ market & showcase with the team at Land & Sea. 

Land & Sea – Vanilla Ice

A spin-off from the original ‘On Ice’ this lure offers an inverted design based on the very popular OTL White Assassin. Its contrast design provides an enticing meal for big hungry Kingfish. A crowd favourite for L&S customers, keep an eye out for this one being cast around your local reef. 

Land & Sea – Old Money

One of our favourite projects with some of our favourite people – Old Money was the perfect way to celebrate Land & Sea’s first birthday on September 1st 2023. A limited edition run of 22 lures, ‘Old Money’ incorporated a full gold leaf design, something never done before in the New Zealand market. A special lure for a special occasion. 

Don’t expect the flow of custom lures to slow down, these guys are addicted to pushing boundaries & trying new things. We say this as we currently push the boat out on one of the largest lures we have ever built, measuring a whopping half a meter. The brief… not just one, we want 2, please! 

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