This lure is longer for sale.

We’ve teamed up with the guys at Morningtide fishing to create these epic beasts of lure’s!

The results when using this custom coloured chop and poppers have been amazing with some giant gt’s taken on a regular basis.


“Our first ever signature series Popper! Handcrafted in New Zealand by Mike from OTL. It has a big pop on it, chucking buckets of spray, but because of the shallow cup this is one of the easiest poppers we’ve ever thrown! You can rip it all day without destroying your back and arms.”

– Morningtide Fishing

“Handcrafted in New Zealand by Mike from OTL, these floating stickbaits have accounted for many of our best fish and now we have our own custom colour! We’re dead set frothin to see what you fellas will catch on them! Use the hashtag #morningtidefishing on your photos!”

– Morningtide Fishing


Size Recommended Hook Setup
100g 160mm 5/0 TREBLES
140g 175mm 6/0 TREBLES


Size Recommended Hook Setup
50g 140mm 1/0 TREBLES | 5/0 INLINE SINGLES
100g 200mm 3/0 TREBLES | 7/0 INLINE SINGLES
130g 230mm 4/0 TREBLES | 9/0 INLINE SINGLES

Both can handle larger hooks for heavy Pelagic fishing

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