OTL Chop Mullet

OTL Chop Mullet

Designed, Tested & Crafted for New Zealand Anglers – The ever popular OTL Chop Mullet


If a NZ made lure was ever described as a weapon this would be the one. Designed and crafted over many years of testing & fine turning, Mike from OTL has simply cracked the code to the perfect stickbait. Designed to swim in ALL ocean surface conditions the OTL Chop Lure excels when there is a little surface chop running. The OTL Chop lure has become synonymous within the ranks of New Zealand’s elite anglers who chase the biggest and most aggressive fish in NZ waters. Weather inshore from the bricks or offshore chasing big pelagic the OTL Chop is the lure for your next adventure.OTL Lures are World Class Handcrafted Lures designed & tested for successfully targeting big aggressive pelagic’s right here in NZ. Mike Knight and his family live in the small seaside town of Waipu in the far north of New Zealand. Mike has formed a renowned reputation for creating New Zealand’s premium stickbaits and poppers over many years or design, test & perfection. A hand selected range of OTL Lures is available at Land & Sea exclusively within the Auckland region. We are proud to represent OTL within the region along with providing passionate fisherman around New Zealand easy access to the full range of OTL Lures.OTL Chop Stickbait Features
  • Available in 50g, 75g, 100g & 130g Sizes
  • Irresistable to predetory fish especially XOS Kingfish
  • Perfect for ALL sea states
  • Used by many of NZ’s Premier Anglers

Suggested Rigging Hook Setup

  • 50g (140mm) – BKK 1/0 Barbless Trebles or BKK 5/0 Inline Singles & BKK #7 Split Rings
  • 75g (175mm) – BKK 2/0 Barbless Trebles or BKK 6/0 Inline Singles & BKK #8 Split Rings
  • 100g (200mm) – BKK 3/0 Barbless Trebles or BKK 7/0 Inline Singles & BKK #8 Split Rings
  • 130g (230mm) – BKK 4/0 Barbless Trebles or BKK 9/0 Inline Singles &BKK #9 Split Rings
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